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Monga) which later ends in a tragic accident. Plot The story revolves around the life of Dagadu (Prathamesh Parab) and Prajakta (Ketaki Monga) who grew up together. Prajakta is the love interest of Dagadu. After graduating from school, they both move to Mumbai and Dagadu's parents sold their house and left him. Due to Prajakta's father's job, he was travelling a lot and this was not a big deal for Prajakta. But Dagadu never cared about it and stayed in Mumbai. He always used to be pampered by Prajakta. She was a soft hearted girl but she could give a tough time if she wanted to. Prajakta's father was a very rich person but, he had to make a compromise for Prajakta's education as she was not a university graduate. Due to this reason, he could not sell his business and leave it in control of Dagadu's family and he got a job at night in a factory. This job was also important for Dagadu as he had to support his mother (who was illiterate) and Prajakta's mother (who was bedridden). Dagadu and Prajakta were very close and the bond between them grew stronger over time. Then, in 1994, Prajakta's mother got sick. She could not afford the hospital bill and ended up getting operated by a quack. As it was a very serious case, the girl was left handicapped. After that, Prajakta's father lost his job and they could not give her any proper care. As time passed, Prajakta was not able to walk properly and her leg became shorter. Soon, Prajakta could no longer attend school. So, Prajakta's father got a job in a hospital and she would come home only once a day. Dagadu and Prajakta's relationship became strained and he became distant. Prajakta felt alone and tried to make herself useful in her home. As time passed, her leg was amputated. She did not have any clothes to wear and had to ask her father to provide one. Prajakta did not get any care from her father and was completely dependent on Dagadu. The story comes to a climax when Prajakta is returning home



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Time Pass Marathi Movie Download Kickass Torrent

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